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Tim Cox

On To Better Pastures

On To Better Pastures

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22" X 30" Limited Edition Giclee on Canvas $800.00
Story Behind The Painting:
"The entire time I was working on this painting, I was thinking about the vanishing way of life of the cowboy.  Phil Bidegain is one of the owners of the T-4 ranch and the president of the NM Cattlegrowers.  There is a lot of symbolism in this painting.  The clouds and storm in the background - troubled times.  The ray of light - hope.  The rider out front sitting tall and straight in the saddle - head up looking to see the future.  He is surrounded by light, but also bushes of mesquite thorns representing the daily challenges.  The cattle are highlighted with a golden glow, which is their wealth.  Phil is out front of the herd with his loyal hands leading them all 'On To Better Pastures'." -Tim Cox.~
Signed and numbered, Super Sized Gicleé of 150 with an additional 15 Artist Proofs.


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22" X 30" Artist Proof Giclee on Canvas $1,200.00

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