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Available Original Artwork

"A Noble Breed"
24" X 36" Oil on Masonite $37,500
"I enjoy painting horses and skies probably more than anything else I paint. When I started this painting I had a completely different sky in this painting; it still had the ray’s of light, but they were going down instead of rising. It didn’t emit the mood I was looking for so I scraped it all off and did this one. This is what I wanted to create the feeling. I wanted to leave it up to the viewer which was the noble breed, the horses or the cowboy.” ~ Tim Cox~
Prix de West Show  
Art Event June 17-18, 2022
National Cowboy & Western Heritage Museum ~ Oklahoma City 
To purchase by proxy, call Trent Riley at (405) 839-7097 or by email at 
The public is invited to preview the art at the museum beginning June 2nd and it will hang until August 7th, 2022. No formal invitation is needed, and, as usual, this is an event living up to its French title meaning "Best of the West."
A Tim Cox Original is not easy to come by and very few are often available for immediate purchase.  Here you can find what is currently available.   You do not need to wait for a show or the luck to be drawn as the purchaser.
Contact Suzie for pricing, 505-632-8080 or


We have been give the opportunity to sell another of Tim's paintings for one of our collectors. You can buy it right now - TODAY - this morning! It is available immediately. No need to wait for an art show, no luck needed to be drawn as the winner. First come, first served, direct from Tim.

“Light Of Early Dawn" 
Oil on Masonite, 20" x 30”
ORIGINAL PAINTING is FOR SALE, contact Suzie for more information or


"Warm Fall Days"
18” x 24”Oil On Masonite
ORIGINAL PAINTING is FOR SALE, contact Suzie for more information or