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Original Artwork

 Tim Cox paints what he knows; ranchers, livestockers, cowhands or country kids - all of them touch his heart.  Vibrant horses, cattle, add a striking landscape with dramatic skies - clear blue, wispy pink clouds or spectacular thunderheads and you have a Tim Cox painting. 
Have an original to sell?  Call Suzie 505-632-8080
In View Of The Sleeping Ute
24" X 36" Oil on Masonite $37,500


"The mountain on the distant skyline is known as the Sleeping Ute.  It is located in southwest Colorado.  I had the opportunity to help gather the cattle off the summer range on this ranch.  A couple of other cowboys rode out to the edge of a bluff.  The view of the Sleeping Ute took my breath away.  The legend of the mountain is that a great warrior god that came to help fight against the evil ones laid down to rest from his battles and fell asleep.  His body turned into the mountain and the blood from his wounds became the rivers and streams that nourish life today."
Prix de West Show  
Art Event June 25-26, 2021
National Cowboy & Western Heritage Museum ~ Oklahoma City 
How to purchase by proxy: For more information, call  Trent Riley at (405) 839-7097 or by email at 
The public is invited to preview the art at the museum beginning June 7th and it will hang until August 8th, 2021. No formal invitation is needed, and, as usual, this is an event living up to its French title meaning "Best of the West."
"Snow In The Desert"
9" X 12" Oil on Masonite
$6,500 [SOLD]
Small Tim Cox original oil paintings are hard to find! "Snow In The Desert" will be available February 13th, 2021 at Settlers West Gallery in Tucson. If you are interested, please give Stuart Johnson a call to place a proxy bid.
TUCSON, AZ 85718
Stuart Johnson
American Miniatures
Reception for the show begins February 13th at 5:30pm and concludes with a purchase drawing at 7pm and patrons need not be in attendance to participate. Please contact the gallery by phone or email and we will fill out an Intent to Purchase slip on your behalf. To ensure Settlers West receives your bid in time for the show, they ask that absentee clients contact us by noon on February 13th with your purchase choices.
At 7pm on February 13th, one slip will be drawn for each work, and the person drawn is committed to purchasing that work at the set price plus applicable sales tax and/or shipping costs.
Please contact the gallery with any questions about the show at 520-299-2607 and let them know that we sent you to them. Click here for how to be able to buy!
"Morning Reflections"
20" X 30" Oil  $29,000 [SOLD]
"I enjoy doing paintings with a reflective (contemplative) mood. Recreating the scene in the water is part of the fun. The result is this painting, Morning Reflections.” 
 ~ Tim Cox ~
"With Purpose"
14" x 18" Pencil Drawing [SOLD]
“On this drawing, I chose to leave it up to the viewer as to what this cowboy was pursuing “With Purpose”.  Did he miss a calf at the branding, or is he headed to doctor a sick cow or has an animal gotten outside the fence?" ~ Tim Cox ~



"A Soft Touch"  
9” X 12” Oil [SOLD]


"Her Own Kind Of Heaven"  
24” X 18” Oil  $22,500 [SOLD]


"Autumn Morning Ride" 
Oil on Masonite, 24" x 36" Framed Size 45.5"X34"  [SOLD]

"Bottom Of Mooney Trail"  
20" X 30"Oil on Masonite-Framed 36" X 26.25" Oil  $22,500[SOLD]

“Misty Creek”
 20” X 30” Oil on Masonite - Framed size  43” x 33”[SOLD]

"Bunched Up” 
18” X 24” Oil  $19,500 [SOLD]

"Morning Briefing"   

24" X 36" Oil on Masonite $37,500 [SOLD]


"Twilight Moon” 
18” X 24” Oil  $19,500 [SOLD]

“Can’t Help You Kid”
Tim Cox
18” X 24” Oil $19,500 [SOLD]
God's Gift To Man
"God's Gift To Man"
24"X 48" Oil
$48,000 [SOLD] 

“A Dry Season” 
20” X 30” Oil
$25,000 [SOLD]

"Cuttin' Out The Bull"
 24" X 36" Oil
 $35,000 [SOLD]
9"X12" Oil on Masonite
$6,900 [SOLD]
24” X 30” Oil on Masonite
$28,000 MINIMUM BID -
$50,000  [SOLD]

$5,500 [SOLD]
The Heritage Herd
"The Heritage Herd"
24"X30" Oil
$28,000  [SOLD]

9" X 12" Oil on Masonite
$6,500 [SOLD]


30" X 40” Oil on CANVAS

$50,100  [SOLD]


24” X 36” Oil on Masonite

$35,000 [SOLD]


Pencil Drawing , 12" x 18"

$4,500 [SOLD]

20" X 30” Oil on Masonite
$25,000 [SOLD]


"Trading Treasures"

Oil on Masonite, 30" x 48"

$60,500 [SOLD]

"I have always admired the creative collaborations the the Traditional Cowboy Arts Association (TCAA) members have done. While I was viewing the TCAA’s collection at the Crossings Art Show one year with Pablo Lozano and Domingo Hernandez, I began planning how I could do a collaboration with the TCAA.

I remember how Honorary Member, Don Hedgepeth, always brought his war bag of goods to trade with the Cowboy Artists of America on our trail rides each year and the fun that generated in camp. Many years ago, some of my cowboy classmates returned from the big northern ranches with shiny bits, spurs and braided wares and I was happy to trade with them. Many times since then, I have been at ranches with other cowboys and witnessed them trading their treasures.

I am excited to finally be doing a painting honoring western craftsmen from generations before, up and coming artisans, and the TCAA elite from now. I am tying this all together with a frame made by CA member, Bruce Greene's son, Adam, the center decorated by a tooled leather inlay by Cary Schwarz, ornamental metal corner cartouches by Wilson Capron Bits & Spurs, LLC, and a silver and gold filigreed and engraved name plate by Scott Hardy Silver/Goldsmith.

Tim has been honored with being the poster artist for the 50th Annual Cowboy Artists of America Art Show and Celebration at the National Cowboy & Western Heritage Museum. The painting features cowboys in camp “Trading Treasures”, and they are TRUE collectibles since many of the items, like Wilson Capron’s Longhorn Spurs, Cary Schwarz and Scott Hardy headstall with and Tim's prize Presidential CA bit that the two guys are holding. Tim even put a Rawhide Reata , Braided Rawhide Belt, Romal and Reins by Pablo Lozano, The popper on Pablo's reins was made by Cary Schwarz. All of these items are made by the Traditional Cowboy Arts Association members, who are also featured in Cowboy Crossings with the CA’s. Other items are our own antique Kelly Steer Head - Arrow Shanked Spurs, Tim's new Jim Gregory saddle on the front horse, chaps on the ground are by Calla Cox Mackey, and the Hereford Bull Head Silver Spurs overlay are also Kellys. The cowboys sitting on the ground have a Billy Klapper 27 that was a gift to Tim by his wife, Suzie, for Christmas and Ernie Marsh Brothers Silver & Saddle Shop’s Hummingbird Spade Bit."

"Riding Out to Meet the Day" 

Oil on Masonite, 30" x 40"

$45,000 [SOLD]


“As The Sun Fades In The West" 

24” X 30” Oil on cradled masonite panel 

$28,000 [SOLD]


"Back to The Bunch"

12"x9" Pencil Drawing

$5,000 [SOLD]


"If These Walls Could Talk"
Oil on masonite, 20" x 30" 
$25,000 [SOLD]
"Cloud Watchers" 
30" x 40" Oil 
$45,000 [SOLD]
"Through Dawn's Dusty Light" 
Oil, 18" x 24"
$18,000 [SOLD]
Pencil drawing, 9" x 12"
$2,500 [SOLD]
“Maybe This Will be a Good Year” 
22″ X 30″ Oil Painting on Canvas
$26,000 [SOLD]
"This cowboy has seen some lean times - getting by on what is available, with a braided baling twine piggin' strings, a canvas belting breast collar, handmade hobbles on his saddle and around his horses' neck. A makeshift canvas bag is about to give out as his fencing pliers are starting to wear through.  Even the turkey feather in his well worn hat is frayed, but there is hope as rays of light shine through the storm clouds.  Green grass, and spring flowers are coming, he has good cows and fat calves, and MAYBE THIS WILL BE A GOOD YEAR."
 "Shallow Crossing" 
  24"x36" Oil on Masonite
$35,000 [SOLD]
    Looking For A Ride
“Looking For A Ride” 
24" X 36" Oil on Masonite
$32,300 [SOLD]
  The Blue Cow
“The Blue Cow”
12″ X 18″ Pencil Drawing
  Working Out the Kinks
“Working out the Kinks” 
26" x 40" Oil on Masonite
$38,000 [SOLD]
Since Early Light
“Since Early Light” 
18" X 36" Oil on Masonite
$32,000 [SOLD]
12″ X 18″ Pencil Drawing
$4,500 [SOLD]
“Peace Of Mind”
 20" X  24" Oil on Masonite 
$18,300 [SOLD]
A Dusty Dawn
"A Dusty Dawn" 
9" X 12" Oil on Masonite
$5,000 [SOLD]
"An Early Autumn" 
24" X 36" Oil on Masonite
$35,000 [SOLD]
"As Long As There's a Sunset"
30" X 48" Oil on Masonite
$42,000 [SOLD]
"A Lot Like Heaven" 
24" X 18" Oil on Masonite
$18,000  [SOLD] 
"Straight From the Well" 
20" X 30" Oil on Masonite  
$24,000 [SOLD] 
"Gathering the Weaning Trap" 
20" X 30" Oil on Masonite 
$26,000 [SOLD]
"The Blowup" 30" X 40" 
Oil on Masonite 
 $45,000  [SOLD]
"Night Breezes" 
20" X 30" Oil on Masonite
$25,000  [SOLD]
"When Horse Whispering Gets Loud" 
20" X 30" Oil on Masonite
 $25,000  [SOLD]
When It All Feels Right
"When It All Feels Right" 
18" X 24" Oil on Masonite
$15,000 [SOLD]
"Rangeland Rush Hour"
24" X 48" Oil on Masonite
 $55,000 [SOLD]
"More Than Just a Horse"
24" X 30" Oil on masonite 
 $26,000 [SOLD]

"Last spring, we were moving 3,000 head of yearling steers to summer pasture. We had a chuck wagon, range teepees and camped along the way. We would hobble our horses so we could catch them the next morning. I have witnessed similar situations when there were full days, hard on horses and men. Some consider their working animals a tool and to others they are a partner and “More Than Just a Horse."

Pushing Them Off The Mesas
"Pushing Them Off the Mesas" 
18" X 24" Oil on masonite 
$14,000 [SOLD]
Long Days Short Pay
"Long Days, Short Pay"
24" X 36" Oil on Masonite
$40,000 [SOLD]
"Reflections Of A Passing Day"
20" X 30" Oil on masonite
$25,000 [SOLD]
"Spring Branding"
20" X 30" Oil on masonite 
$25,000 [SOLD]
"Good Horses Make Good Cowboys"
28" X 40" Oil on Masonite
$42,000 [SOLD]
"Tomorrow's Horses"
20" X 30" Oil on Masonite
$25,000 [SOLD]
"A Well Earned Drink"
"A Well Earned Drink"
18" X 24"  Oil on Masonite
$18,000 [SOLD]
"Reluctant Company"
16" X 20"  Oil on Masonite
$15,000 [SOLD]
18" X 24"Oil on Masonite
$12,000 [SOLD]
Gathering Storm
18" X 24"  Oil on Masonite
$18,000 [SOLD]
24" X 36" Oil on Masonite
$42,250 [SOLD]
"Who Dat?"
9" X 12" Oil on Masonite
$4,333 [SOLD]