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Tim was honored with being the poster artist for the 50th Annual Cowboy Artists of America Art Show and Celebration at the National Cowboy & Western Heritage Museum. The poster featuring Tim’s painting and Cary Schwarz’s fabulous leather tooled saddle bags. For the story of this painting and its frame, click here:  

We are also printing a 17” X 27” Limited Edition Print, Artist Proofs, and Canvas Transfers. We will do a 22.5" X 36”  Paper Limited Edition and Super Sized Canvas Transfer.  


Trading Treasures

17” X 27”  $160 Limited Edition Print 

17” X 27”  $240 Artist Proofs

17” X 27” $325 Canvas Transfers  

17” X 27” $400 Artist Proof Canvas Transfers 

22.5” X 36”   $395 Super Sized Canvas Transfer

22.5” X 36”   $495 Artist Proof Super Sized Canvas Transfer

22.5” X 36”  $295 Super Sized Print! 

22.5” X 36”  $325 Artist Proof Super Sized Print! 

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