2014 Annual Letter November 05 2014

Dear Friends,
How can it be fall again already? This year has flown by for us. What started out seeming to be a really bad break with our basement flooding from a lawn sprinkler turned out to be a revitalization for the house AND the whole crew. We are excited to have new organization, beautiful walls and clean tile flooring. We officially have a sump pump and our print cabinets are now on ROLLERS! 
We are bringing you something entirely different this year with Tim’s new drawing called “Mugged”.  Zeroing in on a particular moment at a branding; a cowboy is struggling to mug a calf.  “Spring” was intended to be the third in a set with “Whassup” and “Who Dat” from last year  and we are happy to be bringing it to you now
Here is Tim’s quote he gave for “Maybe It Will Be A Good Year”: “This cowboy has seen some lean times - getting by on what is available, with a braided baling twine piggin' string, a belting breast collar, handmade hobbles on his saddle and around his horses' neck. A makeshift canvas bag is about to give out as his fencing pliers are wearing through. Even the turkey feather in his well worn hat is frayed, but there is hope as rays of light shine through the storm clouds. Green grass, and spring flowers are coming, he has good cows and fat calves, and MAYBE IT WILL BE A GOOD YEAR.”
“If These Walls Could Talk” got such a great reception at the Cowboy Artists of America Art Show, we could not help but decide to add it to the selections that we chose to print!  Almost every person had a building that it brought to mind - whether it was an old corn crib, barn or an old homestead. We have also brought some long promised Giclée releases of some favorite images like “Where Change Comes Slowly”, “A Well Earned Drink”,“Rocky Mountain Paradise”, and “At The End Of The Day”.
Over the years I have shared the lives our family with you, events involving our children, their rodeo, athletic, and personal accomplishments. This tradition continues with our granddaughter, CJ and her growing involvement in barrel racing and basketball.  CJ and Carmin have been training CJ’s new barrel horse and they are now going to some races and improving all the time. CJ will begin her 3rd year playing basketball, following their undefeated season ending as champions of their league. CJ, Jake and Carmin still to live in Purcell, OK where Jake is an Associate Veterinarian for Dr. Joe Noble, Noble Equine Veterinary Services. They provide ambulatory equine vet services and specialize in reproductive services.  Carmin continues to work for us in  art sales, shipping  and managing the mailing list.


Calla and Justin still live in Bloomfield. Calla has been running our ranch and doing well in the cutting pen with Smartys Cachet.  Justin is doing well in the oil field and gets lots of good natured teasing for being on the cover of so many magazines.  
We are still shipping everything in the continental United States FREE! We'll be glad to load our specially made boxes full of art and send it right to you. AND, on all of our reproductions, when you buy 3 or more, we are offering a savings of 20% with FREE shipping in the 48 contiguous United States! Use code 20120. http://www.timcox.com/ 
I hope to hear from you soon! Please feel free to leave us a detailed message if we miss your call. We try to have someone here 9-5, MST, Monday through Friday. Check our Facebook page - Tim Cox Fine Art (over 125,000 followers!) for the latest updates and TimCox.com's SPECIALS page to see our great savings offers.
Best regards,